Dramatic podcast features the health dilemmas of real-life patients

Community First Foundation partnered with the Colorado Health Foundation and University of Colorado to fund a mental health podcast titled “Derailed: When Mental Illness Throws a Life Off Track.” “Derailed” follows a wealthy entrepreneur living with a serious mental illness through five challenging episodes, asking questions like, “Would you hospitalize this man against his will?” and, “Should he tell his business associates about his illness?”

“Derailed” is a segment of Hard Call, a new podcast that presents some of the toughest issues facing patients, professionals and loved ones. Hard Call follows true stories of people making some of the most difficult and emotional choices of their lives. The podcast, released by the Center for Bioethics and Humanities, also asks listeners to cast votes on what they would do if faced with making these hard calls.

Available on iTunesGoogle Play, and the web.  Listen to the trailer.

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