Community First Foundation managed more than 165 funds on behalf of individuals, families, organizations and charitable groups. The following is a list of Donor Advised Funds held at the Foundation and donors who supported these funds in 2013. Donor names follow fund names.

Banko Family Fund

Best Should Teach Fund

Joan and Larry Brennan Family Fund
Joan and Larry Brennan

Butterfield Family Donor Advised Fund
Shelby and Stephen Butterfield
The Denver Foundation

Sam Cheris Charitable Fund

Valerie and Gilmour Clausen Fund

Collier Family Fund

Felix and Margie Cook Fund

Eicher Family Donor Advised Fund

Holle and Chad Eicher

Janet Fania Memorial Scholarship Fund
Judy and Mark Fania

Haggstrom Family Donor Advised Fund
Cheryl and John Haggstrom

Hanson Ernstrom Family Donor Advised Fund

Jennings Human Capital Improvement Fund

Leach Family Donor Advised Fund
Molenaar Family Donor Advised Fund
Jacqueline and Keith Molenaar

Molenaar Family Donor Advised Fund

Morrissey Family Fund
Judy and Rick Morrissey
Roll Giving

Nu Sigma Nu Donor Advised Fund

Phelan Smith Family Fund

Koger and Marcie Propst Family Donor Advised Fund
Marcie and Koger Propst

PBJ Reece Charitable Fund
Bank of America


Vernon and Sharon Ritzman Donor Advised Fund

Alan and Emily Robinson Donor Advised Fund

Shean Family Fund

Spalding Community Foundation Family of Funds
Colorado Head Injury Fund
Driving Program Fund
General Education Fund
Hershberger Memorial Fund
Hospital Fund
Julia Brown Fund
Neurological Care Unit Fund
O’Neil Memorial Fund
Unrestricted Fund
    AMG National Trust Bank -Murray Trust
Lydia and William MacMillan gave the following tribute gift in honor of:
    Sally Hopper
Sally Hopper gave the following tribute gifts in honor of:
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davenport
    Mr. and Mrs. William MacMillan
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wells

Storatz Family Donor Advised Fund

Tarkanian Family Fund
Hermine and Malcolm Tarkanian, M.D.

Thunder & Lightning Fund

Tough Enough to Wear Pink Donor Advised Fund
Cattlemen’s Days Tough Enough to Wear Pink

Sharon L. & John U. Trefny Donor Advised Fund
Sharon and John Trefny, Ph.D.

Tuthill Family Fund

Raymond & Viola Wagner Family Fund
Charlotte and Larry Wagner
Marty and Dale Wagner

Waring Family Fund

Marla J. Williams Donor Advised Fund
Marla J. Williams