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10 Reasons to Give on Colorado Gives Day 2019

"Science shows that giving boosts well-being" 10 years of Colorado Gives Day graphic

  1. Everybody loves birthdays, and Colorado Gives Day turns 10 this year!
  1. Colorado Proud. Colorado is a great place to live and by supporting our nonprofits, we keep it great. Nonprofits are solving some of our biggest problems, from housing to mental health; they are on the ground finding solutions that make sense in our communities. Give where you live!
  1. All donations are made through ColoradoGives.org, so you can support your favorite nonprofit from the comfort of your couch in your favorite pjs.
  1. With more than 2,600 participating nonprofits to choose from, you are sure to find ones that match your interests.
  1. Save time by donating to multiple nonprofits in one transaction. You can get all of your year-end donations made at one time.
  1. Family Affair. It is the perfect time to introduce young people, like your child or grandchildren, to the joy of giving. There is an entire section of the site developed just for kids with videos, quizzes and games.
  1. The Colorado Gives website is safe and secure, and we check to make sure all the nonprofits are in good standing with the IRS and the Colorado Secretary of State.
  1. Your dollar goes further. All donations made on Colorado Gives day get a boost from the $1.5 million incentive fund created by Community First Foundation and FirstBank.
  1. Be part of something big. Since it started in 2010, CO Gives Day has raised more than $217 million for CO nonprofits.
  1. Most importantly, you can experience the joy of giving! There’s a lot of research that shows that people who give to charity experience a definite boost in their own personal well-being. It makes sense because it feels good to give and help others, especially if you donate to an organization or issue important to you.


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