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We are committed to being faithful stewards of all that is entrusted to us

Community First Foundation promotes acts of giving by providing donors with strategies and tools to achieve their charitable goals. We are committed to investing gifts wisely and responsibly and distributing those resources back into the Colorado community. As of December 2020, our assets totaled $502 million.

The funds held at Community First Foundation are overseen by the Finance and Investment Committee of our Board of Directors. This committee is composed of business and finance professionals with financial expertise.

We use Graystone Consulting, an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer, to achieve our investment goals. Please contact us at 720.898.5900 for our fee schedules and audited financial report.

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2023 Annual Investment Breakfast

Our Annual Investment Meeting was held Match 7, 2023. We shared information on the market’s performance in 2022, what we expect from 2023, and how nonprofits and donors can take what they learned about the current state of economics and apply it for deeper impact.

2023 Annual Investment Meeting Resources

Investment Policies

Our Long-Term and Short-Term investment policies share the investment approaches, objectives and constraints of Community First Foundation’s pooled assets.

Community Benefit Report

Learn more about us by reading an overview of our recent accomplishments, partnerships, funding activity, and financials.

Form 990 and 990T

The Form 990 is a tax return we file annually with the IRS as a federally tax-exempt organization. Form 990T is for tax-exempt organizations to report unrelated business income.


IRS 501(c)(3) Determination Letter

Our IRS determination letter reflects that the Internal Revenue Service has approved Community First Foundation as a nonprofit exempt from federal income tax.

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