Officers & Committees

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Together, we fuel the power of community for greater good.

Members of our Board of Directors and committee participants generously give of their time and talents.

Board Officers

Aaron Azari, Chair

Shelley Marquez, Vice Chair
Stacey Pool, Secretary
Dale Martin, Treasurer
Kelly Dunkin, President and CEO
Kenneth R. Kirwin, Assistant Treasurer, Chief Finance and Operations Officer

Executive Committee

Aaron Azari, Chair

Shelley Marquez, Vice Chair and ACC Chair
Stacey Pool, Secretary and BDCE Chair
Dale Martin, Treasurer and FIC Chair
Kelly Dunkin, President & CEO
Joy Johnson, CIC Chair
Russell Kemp, GC Chair
Gaye Woods, CGS Chair

Audit & Compliance Committee (Independent Committee)

Shelley Marquez, Chair

Kristin Calder
Kelly Kaminskas
Joshua Hawkins, Community Committee Member

Governance Committee

Russell Kemp, Chair

Aaron Azari
Kelly Dunkin
Adi Merchant
Leah Varnell

Community Impact Committee

Joy Johnson, Chair

Nikki Borchardt Campbell
Kelly Dunkin
Shelley Marquez
Adi Merchant
Hereford Percy
Ludy Yevara, Community Committee Member

Finance & Investment Committee

Dale Martin, Chair

David Bomberger
Kelly Dunkin
Joy Johnson
Hereford Percy
Penfield Tate
Melissa Cheong, Community Committee Member

Business Development and Community Engagement Committee

Stacey Pool, Chair

Kelly Dunkin
Russell Kemp
Penfield Tate
Leah Varnell
Gaye Woods

Colorado Gives Subcommittee

Gaye Woods, Chair

Elycia Cook
Kelly Dunkin
Kelly Kaminskas
Andre McGregor

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