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Colorado Gives Day Is Tuesday, December 6, 2022

24 hours starting at 12 a.m.

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Important Dates and Deadlines

September 30: Deadline to submit a nonprofit profile for first review or to update an existing profile. Please visit the eligibility section of our site to learn more.

November 1:  Early Giving Begins

November 29: #GivingTuesday. Use the day to encourage people to Give Early.

December 6: Colorado Gives Day!

December 31: Disbursement for money raised on Colorado Gives Day plus Incentive Fund earnings.

By end of January: Disbursement for money raised in the month of December (excluding Colorado Gives Day) plus prize winnings.



  • Create and activate your team!
  • Engage staff, board, volunteers and key supporters.
  • Download the Toolkits.
  • What is your compelling Giving Day Story? Demonstrate the impact $5, $10, $50 can have in your work.
  • Set your Giving Day Goals.
    • $ raised
    • # of new donors
    • Engagement
  • Register and attend Coffee Chat


  • Read the Social Media Guidelines & Sample Copy document on the Nonprofit Toolkit page.
  • Review the Brand Guidelines.
  • Register and attend Coffee Chat.
  • Register and attend the Special Event.
  • Announce your participation in Colorado Gives Day.


  • Include the CGD art from the Toolkit in your newsletters, emails, social media messages and website.
  • You get access to your page on the new platform Aug. 16. Login and review you profile.
  • Talk with local media and businesses to get support for CGD.
  • Work with a regional champion or consider collaborating to place regional paid advertisements.
  • Find a matching donor.
  • Build a list of partners to help you spread the word locally.
  • Register and attend the Special Event and Coffee Chat.
  • Need help? Attend a working session.



  • Begin an email and social media campaign.
  • Finalize crisis-planning.
  • Mail the Save the Date Postcard or email the Save the Date images to your donors.
  • Begin promoting weekly on social media.
  • Promote the Ambassador Toolkit with board members, donors and volunteers.
  • Register and attend Coffee Chat
  • Ask ambassadors to begin contributing content: Un-selfies, stories of their experiences with your organization, etc. Share through channels.
  • Promote CGD Fundraising Pages as a way for your greatest ambassadors to support you.


  • Finalize campaign ambassadors.
  • Add your #CoGives Campaign logo/visual to your outreach materials.
  • Review and test your giving page (on mobile phones, too!). Make any necessary updates.
  • Draft campaign announcements for social.
  • Ask staff to update email signatures with your campaign visuals.
  • Announce your campaign in social media.
  • Announce your campaign to all staff, volunteers and stakeholders.
  • Ask your board to challenge each other using Fundraising Pages.
  • Develop a donor call list for volunteers to use on Colorado Gives Day.Register and attend Coffee Chat


  • Make sure your volunteers are lined up and ready to assist with Thank You calls.
  • Plan an employee or volunteer event to celebrate Colorado Gives Day (breakfast, virtual pep rally, dance party!)
  • Review your Colorado Gives Day Checklist.
  • Register for and attend the Coffee Chat.
  • Issue your local news release.
  • Begin weekly email drip campaign with event highlights and action steps for supporters. If planning direct mailer, finalize this week to hit the week before the big day.
  • Plan your day-of and think about who will do social outreach, staff the phones, answer media questions, etc.
  • Email past supporters to announce #CoGivesDay participation and the focus of your campaign.
  • Talk to technology partners about help needed with giving page or website updating.
  • Increase social media posts.
  • Email supporters encouraging them to participate in your campaign.
  • Submit op-ed to newspaper. If it does not get picked up, use in social channels as blog.
  • Accelerate sharing of ambassador contributed content and consider a celebration of top sharer.

Colorado Gives Day Checklist

  • Post on social once every hour. Schedule posts for nighttime.
  • Go live on social! Create a sense of urgency and build excitement with followers.
  • Reply, comment and tag on social.
  • Highlight any matching donors you have, or talk about the Incentive Fund and how you get a % of the pie.
  • Send at least 3 email blasts during the day to donors.
  • Have your volunteers call donors.
  • Share the CGD dynamic thermometer. Or, create one of your own to share.
  • Tell people how you did and say thank you!
  • Have volunteers call donors to thank them with 48 hours.
  • Share your results on social.
  • Share photos of those who will be helped by fundraising efforts.
  • Thank your board, staff and volunteers.
After Colorado Gives Day

After Colorado Gives Day:

  • Thank your supporters.
  • Share your results on your website, newsletter and social media networks.
  • Execute donor retention plan for new donors.
  • Share the impact of Colorado Gives Day with supporters!
  • Award any prizes or incentives you offered.
  • Take the Colorado Gives Day survey and give us your feedback!
Cindy Matthews
Director of Communications and Community Outreach
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