Family Philanthropy

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Giving as a Family

The act of giving brings love and joy to both the giver and the receiver. Supporting charitable causes as a family is a uniquely meaningful way to strengthen relationships and values. Giving together means every family member has a voice. Your approach can be simple or extensive. Let Community First Foundation help guide your journey.

Family Discussion Guide (PDF)
May 6 Familanthropy Presentation (PDF)

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Your Resource for Local Giving

Our online giving website is a perfect resource for families to explore local organizations and causes. It’s a one-stop shop for learning and donating online. A variety of search parameters help narrow your choices among more than 2,500 local nonprofits who have met our standards for participation.

Free fundraising pages are especially popular for budding givers learning to support causes through their own fundraising efforts.

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Colorado Gives Day

Bring Everyone Together for Giving

Colorado Gives Day is a perfect time for lessons in giving locally. This 24-hour giving blitz in early December is an online event where Coloradans unite to support organizations that enrich their communities.

With a clock countdown, real-time giving map, and a “shopping” style donation process, families can enjoy making an impact together in one of the country’s largest giving days.

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Charitable Giving for Kids

A Fun Place to Learn

The Kids for Colorado Gives website makes charitable giving fun and accessible for young children and adolescents. The site uses videos, quizzes, playful graphics and kid-friendly language to engage the next generation of givers. Resources for parents and tips for kids help you build a culture of giving in your family.

Don’t miss the Kids Giving Kit, a selection of activities that helps instill a habit of giving. Activities include games like Kindness Bingo and an activity that teaches the concept of “save, spend and give”.

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Donor-Advised Funds

Leave a Legacy

Donor-advised funds appeal to families committed to strategic giving and collaborating together over time. A donor-advised fund allows you to receive tax deductions in the years you donate into the fund. Yet you can recommend which nonprofits should received grants from the fund over time.

Business Development and Community Engagement

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