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Turn your passions into actions.

There are many ways individuals and families can partner with us to meet charitable giving goals. Together, we can create giving plans that maximize the impact of your gifts today and in the future.

From simple online giving to more sophisticated options such as donor-advised funds, we provide a range of options to suit where you are and want to be.

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IRA Charitable Distributions

Adults with Individual Retirement Accounts have an opportunity to use this asset for meaningful, substantial gifts. If you have sufficient funds to retire comfortably, consider donating your assets from your Individual Retirement Account by directing a Qualified Charitable Distribution from your account. Community First Foundation has created a program that allows you to support multiple nonprofits with just one distribution to the Foundation, helping you make the gift you’ve always wanted to make.

If you turned 70 ½ in 2020 and had planned on taking your RMD, we recommend that you seek advice from your financial advisor.

What does the new RMD age of 70 1/2 mean for qualified charitable distributions (QCDs)?

The SECURE Act does not change the date at which individuals may begin to use their IRA to make QCDs. Even though an individual turning 70½ in 2020 will not have to take an RMD for 2020, they may still make a QCD up to the annual limit of $100,000.


The new law temporarily suspends the requirement to take a required minimum (RMD) distribution for the 2020 tax year. Despite the RMD suspension, remember that if you are 70 ½ or older you can still direct a QCD from your IRA up to the annual limit of $100,000.

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Donor-Advised Funds

A donor-advised fund is a charitable giving vehicle that allows individuals, families and businesses to support favorite charities over time, yet receive an immediate tax benefit. Consider this option if you make numerous gifts throughout the year, have highly appreciated stock, received an inheritance, wish to create a family culture of philanthropy, and more.

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Planned Giving

Planned gifts, also called legacy or estate gifts, are arranged during your lifetime but given to charity in the future. When you are developing your will, you can include charity as a beneficiary with a specific dollar amount or percentage of your estate. Connect with your financial advisor to determine which planned gift is best for you, or contact our Philanthropic Services team for more information.

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Unrestricted: Area of Greatest Need

Community First Foundation has an unrestricted fund that allows us to respond to the urgent needs of the community. Unrestricted gifts are powerful because they allow the Foundation to use them for current areas of need. Donate to our unrestricted fund  through ColoradoGives.org and select “Nonprofit’s Discretion” during the online donation process.

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Online Giving

ColoradoGives.org, our year-round online giving website, makes donating to Colorado nonprofits easy, fun and informative. It is a great entry point to learn about local nonprofits and support one or more with modest donations. KidsforColoradoGives.org is the kid-friendly portion of the site. And Colorado Gives Day is the not-to-be-missed 24-hour event that unites Coloradans in celebrating online giving and local nonprofits through this platform.

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Giving Groups

A giving group is a group of people who care about a specific cause and want to make giving decisions together. Types of giving groups include giving circles and field of interest funds. We are happy to serve as a resource for giving groups focused on local giving.

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Community First Foundation is always ready to facilitate your desire to make a charitable gift. Contact us at 720.898.5900.
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Please note that the acceptance of any gift is dependent upon asset review and approval. Community First Foundation does not offer legal, accounting or other professional services. If legal advice or other expertise is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.

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