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Increase food access for high need populations

Food Security Portfolio

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A Berry Good Thing

There’s nothing better than a beautiful garden in the summer. Unless it’s the Happiness Community Gardens in Wheat Ridge. A food forest garden is coming to Jeffco Summer 2023 when the Happiness Community Gardens expand this summer.  In July 2022, we approved a $50,000 grant to the City of Wheat Ridge to support the Happiness Community Gardens food forest expansion.  It’s part of our goal to help give Jeffco residents access to locally produced, nutritious and affordable food. Especially for those living furthest from it.

A Food Forest Garden is Coming to Jeffco
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Moving from Emergency Response to Recovery in Jefferson County

The COVID pandemic significantly increased food insecurity and disruptions to our local food supply. Prior to COVID, 9.1% of Coloradans and 10% of Jeffco residents were experiencing food insecurity, but since the pandemic began, this percentage has quadrupled.

$1.7 Million in Grants to Help Build a Resilient Food System in Jefferson County
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Food System Mapping Project

Increasing food access in a geographically and economically diverse area like Jefferson County isn’t as easy as it may seem. That’s why we’re funding efforts to build a blueprint with partners from Aging Dynamics and Jeffco Food Policy Council. Now, using an easy -to-understand interactive Food System Map, you can see which areas in our community lack access to healthy, affordable food. You can also find important local resources, such as community gardens and food pantries.

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Learnings About Food Assistance

Helping decision makers and influencers understand food insecurity in Jefferson County starts with getting a solid pulse on the needs of our community. It’s also an important step toward systemic change. A new report published by the Jeffco Food Policy Council provides new insights into a community-centered approached to long-term recovery and resilience for Jefferson County food systems.

White Paper
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Director of Community Impact

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