Community First Foundation has a long history in the health care arena since its founding in 1975 as the fundraising arm of Lutheran Medical Center.

In 2014, Community First Foundation conducted a community listening tour to learn about the mental health environment in the Denver metropolitan area. We spoke with representatives from government, service providers, the funding community and advocacy groups. The consistent, resonating message among all groups was the need for more mental health promotion and prevention. That is why we have identified promoting mental wellness as an area in which we believe we can make a powerful impact.

On a systemic level, the state of mental wellness is all too often considered an afterthought. We want to bring promotion of mental wellness to the forefront of systems change and invest in solutions that help prevent or buffer mental illness.

Community First Foundation’s goal to build strong community by promoting mental wellness is focused on these three areas:

  • Supporting the social and emotional development of infants and young children.
  • Facilitating coordinated, systematic efforts to improve community mental wellness.
  • Investing in promising approaches to reduce mental health stigma.