Honoring our Heritage in Jefferson County

We have formed strong roots and a special relationship with Jefferson County as a result of our history with Lutheran Medical Center. To honor our heritage, we look for funding opportunities that build strong community in this region.

2019 Collaborating for Community Health in Jeffco Grant

Community First Foundation recently announced a new grant to support coalitions and collaborations working together to improve conditions of community health of the Jefferson County community.

RFP closed March 7, 2019
Grantees to be announced July 2019

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The Lutheran Legacy Fund

This fund promotes health and wellness and the prevention of sickness and disease. It specifically benefits the communities served by Lutheran Medical Center. Its initial focus is mental health.

Community Advisory Board

A Community Advisory Board for the Fund identifies funding priorities and provides strategic direction. It is comprised of the following leaders from Jefferson County and the surrounding areas:

+ Advisory Board List

Jason E. Glass, Ed.D.
Superintendent & Chief Learner, Jeffco Public Schools

Harriet L. Hall, Ph.D.
President & CEO, Jefferson Center for Mental Health

Lynn Johnson
Executive Director, Jefferson County Department of Human Services

Mark Johnson, M.D., M.P.H.
Executive Director, Jefferson County Department of Health & Environment

Ron Meyer, M.D.
Board Member, Community First Foundation

Glenn Most, Psy.D.
Executive Director, West Pines Behavioral Health/SCL Health

Monica Roers
Former President and CEO, Seniors’ Resource Center

Ben Wiederholt
President & CEO, Metro Community Provider Network

Lutheran Legacy Fund Grants:
Supporting Mental Health First Aid Training in Jeffco

The Lutheran Legacy Fund recently funded a three-year $1.7 million initiative to improve community access to mental health resources in Jefferson County. Seven organizations received grants over three years to launch and implement a training strategy. They used Mental Health First Aid and other “gatekeeper” approaches to train community members in schools, churches, civic groups, workplaces and other locations to identify persons who may benefit from mental health resources. Ten staff members from seven grantee organizations were certified to conduct Mental Health First Aid training and trained more than 1,500 people. Grant recipients included The Action Center, HealthSET, Jeffco Public Schools, Jefferson County Public Health, Metro Community Provider Network, Seniors’ Resource Center, and the Visiting Nurse Association.

After the close of the three-year grant, an additional $250,000 from the Lutheran Legacy Fund is being awarded to support the expansion of Mental Health First Aid in Jeffco by forming a collaborative of trainers.

Lutheran Legacy Fund Grants:
Easing the Transition from Hospital to Home for Seniors in Jefferson County

In 2016, the Lutheran Legacy Fund granted $150,000 to fund a pilot program designed to ease the transition from being a hospital patient to recovering at home. A Perfect Homecoming, a new program of Seniors’ Resource Center and Lutheran Medical Center, provides transitional care services to seniors including transportation to the pharmacy and follow-up appointments. The program’s primary goals are to reduce the risk of hospital readmission within 90-days, improve health outcomes, enhance quality of life and promote cost savings in the health care system.

Lutheran Legacy Fund Grants:
Addressing Overuse of Emergency Rooms in Jefferson County

The Lutheran Legacy Fund also seeks to reduce the number of patients who routinely use emergency departments at local hospitals for their primary care needs. In 2016, the Fund granted $50,000 to Jefferson Center for Mental Health on behalf of the Jefferson County Hotspotting Alliance. The Hotspotting Alliance will strengthen collaboration between two existing community-led efforts addressing overutilization of emergency departments in Jefferson County to better address patient needs, improve care quality and reduce health care system costs.

Other Jefferson County Grant Highlights

$1.75 Million in Community Health Grants Support 124 Organizations Serving Jeffco

Community First Foundation is infusing $1.75 million in grants into organizations working to improve community health in Jefferson County. By broadening the concept of health to include a wide range of contributing factors–such as social, emotional and economic health–the Foundation is awarding the ongoing contributions of 124 organizations.

“This is the largest multi-grant initiative we’ve ever awarded,” said Noah Atencio, vice president of community impact. “Supporting community health in Jeffco helps the Foundation address multiple grantmaking focus areas: honoring our heritage in Jefferson County, strengthening nonprofits and promoting mental wellness.” See list of grantees (PDF) >

Number of Grants Approved: 15 Approved Grant Amount: $306,750
Number of Grants Approved: 14 Approved Grant Amount: $250,211
Number of Grants Approved: 13 Approved Grant Amount: $136,194
Number of Grants Approved: 15 Approved Grant Amount: $203,348
Number of Grants Approved: 9 Approved Grant Amount: $103,497

Securing Access to Substance Abuse Services on the West Side

When Arapahoe House, Jefferson County’s only detox facility, announced
 they were closing their doors, Jefferson Center for Mental Health (JCMH) stepped in to fill the gap. With the help of a $170,000 grant from Community First Foundation’s Lutheran Legacy Fund, JCMH opened a new Withdrawal Management program and expanded services to include crisis walk-in services. In addition to detox, the withdrawal management program assists in increasing motivation for change so that ongoing recovery is possible.

$1 Million Grant Expands Health Professions Programs at Red Rocks Community College

Community First Foundation contributed one of the largest gifts in its history to help build the new health sciences building at Red Rocks Community College Arvada campus. The $1 million grant helped the college cluster its health professions programs in one place, accelerating the number of graduates entering health occupations and adding vital new training opportunities. The college broke ground in July 2015 and the facility opened for the fall 2016 semester. It is transforming the Arvada location into a full-service campus dedicated to the health and wellness of Jefferson County and surrounding communities.

Grant Expands Childhood Development Program in Jefferson County Public Schools

Community First Foundation is granting $250,000 over two years to strengthen Tools of the Mind, a program used in several preschools and kindergartens in Jefferson County Public Schools. This research-based program provides teachers with skills to help young children develop the social and emotional tools they need for learning.

The grant will provide the resources to add Tools of the Mind to more classrooms and improve parent and teacher understanding of early childhood development.