We invest in community programs that make a ripple-effect of change.

At Community First Foundation, our strategic plan guides our approach to using flexible grant dollars to fuel positive change. We tap into the power of community by forming strong relationships with community partners. Together we develop effective ways to deliver on our focus areas:

We approach community impact with the end in mind, and then map the means. We listen and we learn, relying on research and our community partners’ expertise to guide our grantmaking. We use these insights to adopt or create frameworks for change. For example, we adopted the Project LAUNCH framework for our early childhood mental wellness grants.

Targeted Grantmaking

Because of this process, our grantmaking is highly targeted. We typically release a few grant opportunities each year that vary in strategy, size and scope. Nonprofits working in our focus areas are invited to learn more about our grant opportunities.

Don’t see a grant opportunity that fits? If your organization works within our focus areas but no grant opportunity aligns with your services at this time, we still want to be part of your network. In addition to our financial resources, we value our role as a connector, partner and collaborator.

Not working within our grantmaking focus areas? Community First Foundation strengthens nonprofits in a variety of ways. We can help you manage an endowment, connect with supporters through ColoradoGives.org or facilitate meaningful discussions in our free Meeting Space.