Powering Community by Strengthening Nonprofits

We believe that the more vibrant and resilient a community’s nonprofits, the more effective they will be in serving the community and contributing to its strength. We help nonprofits secure the tools, knowledge and capacity needed to achieve their missions. Endowment building to sustain the future of nonprofits and provide a revenue stream is a hallmark of the ways we support local nonprofits. In 2017 we partnered with Red Rocks Community College to create a certificate program called Nonprofit Pathway. This program is designed to prepare individuals to enter the nonprofit sector and help build an inclusive, diverse and skilled workforce.

Endowment Building

We have identified endowment building as an area of focus for our grantmaking activities. To maximize impact, many of our grants support multiple focus areas.

We are proud to be a leader in helping nonprofits build endowments. These long-term funds are invested for the future needs of an organization so the good they do can keep going. We also offer endowment-building support through education, training, fundraising consultations, and more.

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Nonprofit Pathway Certificate Program

Community First Foundation partnered with Red Rocks Community College to create the Nonprofit Pathway. The Nonprofit Pathway is a higher education certificate program designed to prepare individuals to enter the nonprofit sector, provide additional training to experienced nonprofit professionals and ensure that Colorado’s nonprofits have access to a skilled, inclusive and diverse workforce.

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Incentive Grant Program

Our Incentive Grant Program helps to grow nonprofit endowments by providing additional funds based on specific annual contributions.

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Grant Highlights

Jefferson Center for Mental Health
Community Mental Health Center Receives $100,000 Incentive Grant

Jefferson Center for Mental Health, a nonprofit community mental health center, began its endowment in 2005 to sustain services for people who could not afford treatment for behavioral health and wellness needs. Jefferson Center’s endowment fund received the maximum incentive grant of $100,000 for its annual contributions to the fund.

“For years Jefferson Center for Mental Health wanted to create an endowment to ensure that mental health care would be available to the community and help pay for the care of the most vulnerable people. Community First Foundation helped us realize our dream.” Harriet L. Hall, Ph.D., CEO of Jefferson Center for Mental Health

Community Cycles
Endowment Provides Bikes and Training for Disadvantaged Youth

Comprised of bicycle enthusiasts and advocates, Community Cycles repairs donated bikes and teaches bicycle maintenance and safety. Created in 2014, the Luke Harding Scholarship Endowment Fund provides a revenue stream to fund apprenticeships and bicycles for low income, disadvantaged or struggling young people. The incentive grant from Community First Foundation added fresh momentum to the new and growing endowment.

“This endowment has achieved two important goals: first, it has provided a reliable funding stream for a chronically underfunded part of our work: providing education in bicycle mechanics for people struggling with poverty. Second, it has helped us see how important an endowment can be in strengthening mission-critical aspects of our programs.”
Sue Prant, Executive Director, Community Cycles