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AllHealth Network Receives $100,000 Premier Incentive Grant to Strengthen Endowment

ARVADA, CO (January 19, 2017) – AllHealth Network recently took significant steps to secure its future with an endowment-building 2016 Premier Incentive Grant! AllHealth Network, a behavioral health community center, received the $100,000 grant from Community First Foundation in December 2016 after making $1 million in new contributions to its existing endowment fund.

An estate distribution from the Bate Family Trust provided AllHealth Network with its single largest donation in its 61-year history. The organization’s board of directors decided to endow these funds to secure their ability to serve the community for years to come. Funds generated by the endowment will go toward low cost, affordable housing along with services and affiliated programs for people struggling with their mental health.

“By endowing the Bate Family Trust’s generous gift, we will ensure persons diagnosed with schizophrenia will be served with compassionate, clinical care as offered by AllHealth Network for many years to come,” said John Phillips, Chairman of the AllHealth Network Board of Directors. “We are thankful to Community First Foundation for stewarding these funds and strengthening our commitment to endowment building with their Incentive Grant program.”

allhealth-networkAllHealth Network provides behavioral health care to more than 17,000 children, adults, families and couples in 10 unique settings. Services include counseling, psychiatry, crisis services, substance abuse treatment, vocational and social rehabilitation, an adult acute treatment unit and an on-site pharmacy. Learn more about AllHealth Network

Finding innovative and collaborative ways to strengthen nonprofits is a top strategic priority at Community First Foundation. Incentive Grants are available exclusively to Nonprofit Endowment Partners. The 2016 Premier Incentive Grant offered a $100,000 grant after $1 million or more in new contributions were made to an existing endowment fund. The Foundation also offered the 2016 Incentive Grant for contributions up to $40,000. Learn more about our Incentive Grant Program