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No. 8? We think we can do better!

Two recent reports shed light on the state of charitable giving in the United States and around the world. Colorado ranked #8 in the list of most charitable states in America. The rankings consider 19 key indicators of charitable behaviors, include monetary donations and volunteer hours.

We love a good competition; how about you? We know Colorado is generous. We know Colorado cares. We see it every year on Colorado Gives Day when giving records are shattered and good happens in communities across the state because of that generosity.

Colorado Gives Day 2021 is Tuesday, Dec. 7. If you’ve ever wanted to give, but don’t know where to start, we can help. ColoradoGives.org offers more than 3,100 local nonprofits who need your support. You can search by cause, zip code, town or city, or just by typing in the words that matter to you. For a minimum donation of just $5, you’ll find that cause that speaks to your heart and you can schedule your donation for Colorado Gives Day now. Or, wait until Dec. 7 and join the fun as we help Colorado’s nonprofits on one of the biggest giving days of the year in the United States.

Let’s move Colorado up the list and show the world what we’re made of – kindness….compassion….and generosity for our fellow humans.

Schedule for Colorado Gives Day

Most Charitable States for 2022
Charities Aid Foundation World Giving Index 2021

Quick Facts:

  • Colorado ranked #8 in most charitable states in America.
  • The most generous country in the world is Indonesia.
  • The Top 10 most generous countries has changed substantially in 2020.
  • More than three billion people helped someone they didn’t know in 2020.
  • Despite, or perhaps because of, the pandemic, donating money is up across the globe.

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