Community First Foundation is a Denver-area leader in helping nonprofits build endowments to secure their financial future.

We manage endowment funds ranging in size from $25,000 to millions of dollars for more than 100 nonprofits.

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Become a Nonprofit Endowment Partner with Community First Foundation and enjoy extensive endowment support.

When you become a Nonprofit Endowment Partner by establishing an endowment fund with us, we provide the following services.

2019 Incentive Grant Program

This program is designed to stimulate endowment-building and encourage our Nonprofit Endowment Partners to invest for the future needs of their organizations.

Learn more about the 2019 Incentive Grant Program (PDF)

  • Choice Incentive Grant
    Offers a $50,000 grant for a minimum of $500,000 contributed to an endowment at the Foundation.
  • Premier Incentive Grant
    Offers a $100,000 grant after $1 million in contributions are made to an endowment at the Foundation.

Investment and Fund Management

Endowment Funds at Community First Foundation are guided by an investment strategy that encourages steady asset growth. An independent consulting firm, our Finance and Investment Committee and Board of Directors oversee all of the details of policy-setting and management. Our fund management services include accounting, record keeping and grant distributions — relieving your board and staff of these responsibilities. Quarterly financial performance reports provide beginning and ending balances, contributions, investment returns and distributions. Our online service offers 24/7 access to fund information.

  • Success stories! Read how our Nonprofit Endowment Partners–the do-ers–are leveraging their endowments for an income stream and long-term sustainability.

Economies of Scale

Our endowment funds are pooled for investment purposes. This creates economies of scale that provide the benefits of a diverse investment portfolio and low investment fees that typically come only with very large funds.

Endowment-Building Support

Each year we host an Annual Investment Meeting for our partners, during which we review our investment management structure, discuss the prior year’s performance and provide an outlook for the year ahead.


We help increase your exposure to potential donors and the general public through listings in Community First Foundation publications, press releases, webpages, and our online service iCommunity.

Additional support includes

  • Education: Professional development opportunities focused on topics such as fundraising, board governance, finance and marketing.
  • Planned Giving Resources: Access the latest planned giving news, learn about gift options, types of bequests and more.
  • Training: Fundraising-related presentations focused on development for endowment-building and planned giving.
  • Fundraising consultation: Endowment campaign coaching.
  • Networking: Connections with nonprofit peers to share common challenges, expertise and resources.
  • Free Meeting Space: A brand-new meeting space designed for nonprofits that includes five meeting room options and a robust A/V system.  Learn more about Our Meeting Space >