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Social Media Guidelines & Sample Copy

Colorado Gives Day is an opportunity for you to be part of an exciting movement that increases your nonprofit’s visibility and connects donors with your mission. As a nonprofit using the year-round ColoradoGives.org website, you are an important voice for Colorado Gives Day. We encourage you to engage in conversations about the event on social networks in the months leading up to (and after) the big day on December 7, 2021.   

Social Media

Please use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (or other social media platforms) to join and start conversations about Colorado Gives Day. Build momentum by responding to the content posted on our social media channels (ColoradoGives is on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest; Community First Foundation is on Facebook). Be creative and have fun as you share stories about your nonprofit, why you are involved, your goals and how donations will help. The important thing is to post content relevant to your audience and the platform with which they are most engaged.

ColoradoGives and Colorado Gives Day Social Networks

Community First Foundation uses three primary social media pages to promote Colorado Gives Day and ColoradoGives.org:

Facebook:    facebook.com/ColoradoGives.org
Colorado Gives Day hashtags: #COGivesDay, #GiveWhereYouLive #COGivesDay2021

Twitter:        twitter.com/ColoradoGives
Colorado Gives Day hashtags: #COGivesDay, #GiveWhereYouLive


URL Shorteners

Use a URL shortener to make a condensed link for your profile and donation page. Then share these shortened URLs in tweets and elsewhere. Some URL shorteners include https://bitly.com/, https://tinyurl.com/, https://buffer.com/, and http://bit.do/ .

Here is an example. If the original URL is https://www.coloradogives.org/CommunityFirstFoundation/overview, then after entering it into a URL shortner (bitly.com in this case) it would be https://bit.ly/2KJn3yr.

What Can You Post?

Here are some ideas leading up to, during, and after Colorado Gives Day.

  • Why your organization needs support
  • How donations help your organization and what they’re used for
  • Engaging content about your programs and how you change lives
  • Success stories from those you serve
  • The value recurring donations, which can be started or set to run on Colorado Gives Day
  • Your results on Colorado Gives Day and how you will use the donations
  • A count down to Colorado Gives Day

In addition:

  • Ask your followers to post or tweet why they support you
  • In November, let donors know they can schedule donations for Colorado Gives Day beginning Nov. 1.
  • After Colorado Gives Day, thank your donors and let them know why their donation mattered

You can also include in your posts the benefits of giving though ColoradoGives.org, including information such as:

  • How easy it is to donate on ColoradoGives.org (the platform for Colorado Gives Day) as a guest or by making a donor profile
  • The ability to create a recurring donation so they can support you year-round.

Feel free to also like, share, retweet and pin ColoradoGives’ posts as they relate to your audience!

Regardless of the platform you use, it’s a good idea to always:

  • Include the link to your profile or donation page on ColoradoGives.
  • Use the hashtags #COGivesDay and #GiveWhereYouLive, but don’t go overboard. Two to three (at max) relevant hashtags are all that’s needed in a post. More than that can make your post look like spam.
  • Always use the registered trademark symbol when using the specific phrase “Colorado Gives Day®” as this adds credibility to your connection with the day and the ColoradoGives program.

Advanced User Tips

As the algorithms across social media platforms continue to change, and organic reach becomes more difficult to obtain, you can employ more advanced techniques to help improve your audience reach. These techniques include:

  • Use video. Share it on your channels. Live stream videos are also engaging. Consider a livestream with a quick Q&A with a user of your program/services or executive director, your organization’s Colorado Gives Day activities or your services in action. If you can’t create a live video, post your recorded videos and encourage your fans to make and share a donor video.
  • Use the advertise feature in the platform. Whether this means “boosting” a successful post you’ve had on Facebook or creating an ad for Twitter, many organizations use the pay-to-play method of social media to increase their reach.
  • Employ GIFs (an image format that allows for both animated and static images). GIFs are becoming more mainstream across platforms as a way to draw attention and convey emotions. Depending on your audience, they can be a fun way to grab donors’ attention.


Be sure to “Like” ColoradoGives.org on Facebook. To tag us, type your message. When you are ready to include your name and tag us, type @ColoradoGives.org.  A hyperlink to the ColoradoGives.org Facebook page will appear for you to choose.

A quick warning about Facebook

Before diving into our suggested Facebook posts, please read this important warning. Facebook is promoting their donation service by prompting people to “Add a Donate Button” to their Facebook posts.. This prompt typically appears when Facebook’s algorithm perceives that the post is related to donations or nonprofits.

Be aware that if you choose the “Select Nonprofit” button and select your organization, donors will be donating to you through Facebook rather than ColoradoGives. That means none of those donations will be eligible for a boost from the Incentive Fund or count towards Colorado Gives Day prizes.

To disregard the “Add a Donate Button” prompt, click the “X” in the upper right hand corner of the post as shown below. It will close the prompt.

Suggested Posts

You can link your posts to the ColoradoGives Facebook page by tagging us (use “@ColoradoGives.org” in the post). Be sure to include the hashtag #COGivesDay. Keep posts engaging, clear and fun for your audience. Put yourself in their shoes, imagine what they would like to see and use that as the inspiration for your posts.

  • @ColoradoGives.org – easy for you, simple for us. Donate to [your organization’s name] through it today!
  • Be part of #COGivesDay, one of the largest online giving movements in the state. Learn more @ColoradoGives.org. You can donate to [org name] at [your direct donation link].
  • $5 is all it takes to help a nonprofit on #CoGivesDay.
  • Schedule your #COGivesDay donations in advance on @ColoradoGives.org, starting Nov. 1!
  • #COGivesDay: 24 Hours to Give Where You Live! @ColoradoGives.org
  • Every dollar you donate through @ColoradoGives.org is 100% tax deductible, 365 days a year.
  • Donate on #COGivesDay to give your donation a boost! With the $1.6 Million+  Incentive, one of the largest gives-day incentive funds in the country, every nonprofit receiving a donation through @ColoradoGives.org on Colorado Gives Day® gets a boost from the fund, increasing the value of every dollar donated.
  • Donate online at ColoradoGivesDay.org. It’s easy, safe and secure! #COGivesDay
  • #COGivesDay is presented by @CommunityFirstFoundation and FirstBank.
  • Setting up a recurring donation on @ColoradoGives.org makes it so easy to give. Set one to start or include December 7 and you’ll automatically be participating in #COGivesDay!
  • Help us raise [your goal] on #COGivesDay!
  • Thank you to everyone who supported us on #COGivesDay! We raised [amount raised] for [organization name]! @ColoradoGives.org

Facebook Post Examples

These posts demonstrate a variety of ideas regarding Colorado Gives Day, such as how donations are used, who donations impact, and how you can still use images even if you can’t use (or don’t have) pictures of clients:



Use Twitter for more than just tweeting your latest fundraising milestone. Post fun facts about your organization or ask followers to share stories about your organization and why they give on Colorado Gives Day. Use http://search.twitter.com to search for your nonprofit’s name and have another tab open to search for #COGivesDay. You’ll be able to watch real-time tweets about Colorado Gives Day® to catch any mentions of your organization and respond. Make sure that when you mention @ColoradoGives.org and Colorado Gives Day® you include the hashtag #COGivesDay. Feel free to retweet content provided by @ColoradoGives.org as well to keep the conversation going.

Suggested Tweets

Below are some Tweets that will provide consistent messages about Colorado Gives Day® and your organization.

  • Community First Foundation and FirstBank present #COGivesDay on 12/7. Donate @ColoradoGives and help us raise $[your goal].
  • Your donation on 12/7 #COGivesDay can help us [insert what the donations will do] and boost giving in Colorado.
  • We are taking part in #COGivesDay. Your donation made at [insert your donation URL – shortened] on 12/7 will help us end the year strong.
  • #GiveWhereYouLive donate at [insert your donation URL – shortened] on 12/8 and help us make #Colorado a better place to live. #COGivesDay
  • 24 hours. 3,150 charities. Millions for Colorado nonprofits. Take part in #COGivesDay @ColoradoGives
  • Will you make your donation on 12/7 @ColoradoGives? [insert your profile URL] #COGivesDay
  • Thanks to @ColoradoGives and @FirstBank $1 Million Incentive Fund every donation gets a boost on #COGivesDay. Donate at [insert your profile URL]

Twitter Post Examples

These tweets are great examples of how you can quickly share what donations help do as well as demonstrate whom or what they impact. There are nonprofits of all sizes and resource levels in here, as well as examples of nonprofits who can’t show who they serve and some creative ways to thank donors:


Here are some great examples of fun ways your peers are using this popular, short form platform. The examples are from large and small nonprofits, nonprofits who can’t show pictures of their clients, organizations that have use materials from Community First Foundation creatively and even neat ways to thank donors:

screenshots of Instagram posts using the Colorado Gives Day graphics


Gives Day Nonprofit Toolkit
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