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Statement on Boulder Supermarket Tragedy

Boulder and Colorado has experienced a terrible loss. Our hearts are with the victims’ families, friends and coworkers affected by the Boulder King Soopers tragedy. We thank the first responders for their bravery and courage and join our neighbors in mourning. I know and fully empathize with the urge to take action in response to yet another mass violence tragedy. I remind myself that there is an ongoing investigation to respect as our community struggles to understand what happened. Misinformation and noise can distract us from the urgent need that is front of us right now, which is to care for our community.

To that end, here are some efforts you can support.

In addition, the Colorado Fallen Hero Foundation is managing donations in support of Officer Eric Talley and his family.

Let’s also make space for our mental health. Our bodies remember trauma and cannot differentiate between what is happening now versus what happened years ago. Colorado has seen more than its fair share of mass tragedy, so let’s be gentle with ourselves. Leverage any resources available through the workplace and community. Find a friend to talk to. Keep an eye on children and friends who may be struggling and reach out with a kind word. We are stronger when we are together.

Lastly – I remind you, as I do myself, that during times like this we carry within us the best weapon we have against cruelty, hate and violence: kindness.
Yours in grief,

Kelly Dunkin
CEO and President
Community First Foundation

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