Take a Hat Off

An open competitive grant opportunity

You’ve heard the expression “I’m wearing too many hats!” – Maybe you’ve even said it yourself. There are many reasons why you may feel like you are doing it all. Maybe it’s because you have a small staff or lack the expertise or money needed to get it done. Sometimes it’s because you just don’t have the time. Or, perhaps it’s because you don’t have the right tools or partners in place. Whatever the reason, this grant is designed to help you solve those pesky problems that are preventing you from pushing that project across the finish line. This grant aims to help by giving you a little support so you can take one of your many hats off. Let’s strengthen capacity together. After all, capacity is what enables us to develop our teams, plan for the future and ultimately, make good happen for the communities we serve.

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What is Catchafire?
We recognize that improving your organization’s capacity is critical to impacting the performance and services you provide. Ultimately, it’s about advancing healthy communities in Jeffco. Catchafire connects you with talented professionals looking to give back, allowing you to access expertise in areas such as marketing, web development, operations, strategy, and more.

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Jaime Aguilar
Program Officer
Noah Atencio
Vice President of Community Impact
Kelly Degering
Grants Manager
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