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More Than a Sponsorship

You have probably heard of Colorado Gives Day, a single day statewide event that is one of the largest community fundraising days in the country. Last year, on Colorado Gives Day, donors donated an astonishing $50 million to Colorado Nonprofits! Since its inception in 2010, Colorado Gives Day has raised over $300 million for Colorado nonprofits.

Incentive Fund Sponsorships

We are excited to share that we are increasing the number of sponsorship opportunities for this hugely successful, high-exposure event to a limited number of corporate partners. Past sponsors have included FirstBank, Delta Dental, and The Denver Foundation.

Brand Marketing Dreams

Looking for more than a logo on a t-shirt? How about an actual good deed? When you sponsor the Colorado Gives Day Incentive Fund, 100% of your contribution is tax deductible. That’s because it is distributed to 2,900 nonprofits working in Colorado. No other single opportunity offers this level of exposure coupled with positive action.

Colorado Gives Day At-A-Glance (2020)

  • 2,900+ Colorado nonprofits
  • 83,000 donors
  • $17,000 average amount raised by nonprofits
  • Colorado Gives Day remains one of the most credible, reputable and well-known fundraising events in Colorado.

It's a win win. Graphic art showing the process for using the incentive fund for Colorado Gives Day* Gauss, A. 2021. Corporate Sponsorship 101. Classy.org. https://www.classy.org/blog/infographic-corporate-sponsorship/

Contact Philanthropy@CommunityFirstFoundation.org or 720.898.5900.

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Ghazal Vaghedi
Vice President of Business Development and Community Engagement
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