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About Our Grants and COVID-19

Community First Foundation is a nontraditional funder. We typically release at least one open competitive grant that varies in size, strategy and scope from year to year. Our collaborative approach with community partners drives the type and quantity of funding we provide.

We recognize that COVID-19 is having immediate impacts on our communities and our sector, and we are responding. Please review the grant opportunities below and contact us with any questions.

Take a Hat Off – An open competitive grant opportunity

You’ve heard the expression “I’m wearing too many hats!” – Maybe you’ve even said it yourself. There are many reasons why you may feel like you are doing it all. Maybe it’s because you have a small staff or lack the expertise or money needed to get it done. Sometimes it’s because you just don’t have the time. Or, perhaps it’s because you don’t have the right tools or partners in place. Whatever the reason, this grant is designed to help you solve those pesky problems that are preventing you from pushing that project across the finish line.

Employees gather to share ideas and problem solve.

Helping Each Other Thrive

The Helping Each Other Thrive grant opportunity is helping identify partners, engage donors, increase community engagement in neighborhoods and inform local needs and the Foundation’s future work.  Community First Foundation is investing $1 million in grant funds to support two types of community engagement efforts for residents living in high poverty areas in Jeffco.

Incentive Grants for Nonprofit Endowment Partners

Stimulating endowment-building and encouraging Nonprofit Endowment Partners to invest in their futures is one way we help nonprofits protect themselves for brighter, sustainable outlooks.

Don't see a grant opportunity that fits?

If your organization works within our focus areas, but no grant opportunity aligns with your services at this time, we still want to be part of your network. We value our role as a connector, partner and collaborator and welcome you to contact the Vice President of Community Impact, Noah Atencio.

Not a match for our impact areas?

Community First Foundation strengthens nonprofits in numerous ways. We can help you manage an endowment, connect with supporters through or facilitate meaningful discussions in our free meeting space.

Noah Atencio
Vice President of Community Impact
Kelly Degering
Grants Manager
Marybeth Goodwin
Program Officer
Nazia Hasan
Program Officer, Policy + Advocacy
Jaime Aguilar
Program Officer
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