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When It Comes To Investments, We’re Going Back To The Future

 At our Annual Investment Meeting on March 6, 2023, Robert Morris of Graystone Consulting, and our very own Tim Zeckser, detailed how the market, and Community First Foundation, can help you build your financial future by giving you economic summaries for 2022, and outlooks for 2023. Just like Marty McFly traveling through time in his classic Delorean, Robert Morris, senior vice president with Graystone Consulting from Morgan Stanley and the Foundation’s outsourced chief investment officer, took us back in time for a retrospective look at the market over the past two decades and where it’s headed into the future.

“Had you fallen asleep twenty years ago and woken up to today, or like in Marty McFly’s case you’d used a Delorean, what you would see actually wouldn’t surprise you in the markets,” Robert said. “The base rate that we’re running currently is actually more like 4.7%, yet the historical average since 1954 is 4.6%. All that’s happened is that the Federal government has reset us back to normal levels away from some of the easier levels.”

With that historical context, Robert noted the similarities, and opportunities, for the market going forward. “It’s interesting! Even though last year was a challenging year for everything, the yield we will see from the Foundation portfolio will more than make up for last year, and beyond.” said Robert. Robert acknowledged the volatility of 2022 by describing how the federal government was quick to adjust interest rates from 0% to 4.25% for stock and bond markets to fight off inflation and changing market behaviors.

Following the market performance and forecast presentation, Tim Zeckser, nonprofit endowment manager with Community First Foundation, showed us why now is an exciting time for donors to make  their philanthropic interests match their financial needs, and for nonprofits to connect with donors for planned and corporate giving impact. “If you want to explore ways to deepen your corporate engagement strategy, we can help with that,” Tim said. “Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming more and more important, especially for younger generations. Millennial investors are more engaged in these practices, and consumers are more motivated to purchase from ethical companies.”

It’s no secret that the market in 2022 was volatile for our neighbors, coworkers, investors and consumers. At the Annual Investment Meeting we aimed to give you a unique look at the historical performance, and future outlook, of the market so that you can be confident in making your financial one that makes good happen. 

Want to learn more? Revisit the meeting materials! Have any questions? Reach out to our team.


Author: Daniel Stone

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