Jeffco Food System: From Emergency Response to Recovery

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Reimagining a Jeffco Food System that Meets the Needs of All

Jefferson County (Jeffco) Public Health and Community First Foundation believe it’s hard to thrive when you cannot meet your most essential needs – access to food being one of those. Together in partnership with community-led organizations, we’re working toward a vision that all Jeffco residents have the opportunity to thrive through equitable access to food that is locally produced, nutritious and meets cultural preferences.

The COVID pandemic significantly increased food insecurity and disruptions to our local food supply. Prior the COVID pandemic, 9.1% of Coloradans and 10% of Jeffco residents were experiencing food insecurity, but since the pandemic began, this percentage has quadrupled. We want all communities in Jeffco to thrive, which is why we are investing $1,700,000 in grant funds for food system recovery and improvement efforts.

Jeffco-Centered Approach

We designed this RFP with the big picture in mind. Our goal is a resilient food system in Jeffco that ensures everyone has access to nutritious, affordable food we want to eat. We know a food system like this takes time. Because it’s a long-term goal, we will also support efforts that ensure people have access to nutritious and affordable food today.

Our vision includes:

  • Building a local food system that ensures equitable access to nutritious, locally-produced food that reflects cultural preferences.
  • Supporting Jeffco farmers and food producers by helping them rebuild, maintain, and sustain current and future food supply to prevent disruption.
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Grant Details

Objective: Invest $1,700,000 in grant funds to support infrastructure and capacity-building efforts to build a resilient food system that ensures equitable access to locally-produced and nutritious food in Jefferson County.

Sponsors: Community First Foundation and Jefferson County Public Health

Eligibility: 501(c)(3) Nonprofits and/or government equivalents, as well as small food and farm businesses with a recent track record of service to Jefferson County residents.

What We Will Fund
Unrestricted, program, infrastructure and capacity-building, demonstration projects; capital and/or equipment expenses with a focus on building long-term infrastructure and/or informing long-term system change.

Important Dates and Contacts

Application Period: Tuesday, June 1 – Friday, July 2, 2021
The application period is now closed.

Award Notifications: Mid-August 2021
All applicants will be notified of their application status.

Contact Marybeth Goodwin for questions about the application.

Contact Marissa Silverberg at for questions about Jeffco’s food systems.

Si necesita ayuda para revisar y enviar la solicitud en español, comuníquese con Marissa Silverberg en

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