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10 Tips For Your Year-End Fundraising

End-of-year (EOY) fundraising doesn’t need to be complicated. Colorado Gives 365 makes it easy to inspire year-end giving through ColoradoGives.org. Here are a 10 easy tips to help you meet your goals!

  • Update Your Organization Page: Your organization page should be evergreen and can include your nonprofit’s origin story, mission, impact, inspiring quotes and much more so make sure to refresh your page content. Learn More
  • Create a Fundraiser Page: A fundraiser page allows you to set a specific goal with your unique EOY messaging, images, donation levels and thank you page. Get Started
  • Try a Donation Widget: Use embeddable donation widgets so that no matter where a donor is clicking, they are always getting that same great donation experience and all donor data is in one place. Learn More
  • Embed a Custom Donation Form: Consolidate your donation forms and data by leveraging this robust embeddable donation form on your website. Learn More
  • Include Recurring Donation Ask: Don’t forget to thank your Colorado Gives Day donors and suggest they set up a monthly recurring gift for 2023 which helps you count on their funds each month to fulfill your mission. Learn More
  • Run Donor & Retention Reports: Make sure to log in and crunch the numbers and segment your end of year communications for the best storytelling experience for donors. Donation Report FAQ & Retention Report FAQ
  • Set Up a Match: You can set up a matching at any time! Do you have a donor who usually gives a sizable gift at EOY? Contact them and ask if they’d consider leveraging those funds as a match this year so everyone’s dollars go further. Learn More
  • Create an Event Fundraiser Page: Set up an event page this year to include in your holiday party/gala invite to easily raise funds for your organization. Get Started
  • Give the Gift of Giving: A giving card is the perfect way to encourage new donors to give back this holiday season. Provide a link to purchase an e-giving card to spread generosity. Purchase E-Giving Cards!
  • Use ColoradoGives.org 365 days a year! Review the “Why Use ColordoGives.org” and “Free & Advanced Features Available” articles to get started. With ColoradoGives.org your nonprofit can lower costs and streamline technology to focus on what’s important: your organization’s mission.

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